Unleash Your Creativity with the Hero Creation Challenge! 

Join the ultimate animation adventure and bring your superhero to life. For just $27, get the tools, guidance, and community support you need to create an iconic character. No drawing skills required!

Join The Challenge Today

Unleash Your Creativity with the Hero Creation Challenge! 

Join the ultimate animation adventure and bring your superhero to life. For just $27, get the tools, guidance, and community support you need to create an iconic character. No drawing skills required!

Join The Challenge Today

Launching this June

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What is Hero Creation Challenge?

Embark on a 30-day journey with the Hero Creation Challenge! For just $27, you'll get a comprehensive Character Creation Kit with a step-by-step guide to develop your superhero‚ÄĒno drawing skills required! Gain lifetime access to the CurlToon Inner Circle, engage in weekly Q&A sessions, receive valuable feedback, and connect with industry professionals. Unleash your creativity and compete for amazing prizes!

Create, Compete, and Conquer!
3 Monthly Winners Will Be Rewarded!

Amazing Prizes Await the Top 3 Winners!

  • Feature on CurlToon‚Äôs Official Channels: Get your hero showcased on our website, social media, and YouTube.

  • Professional Character Design Consultation: Enjoy four free sessions with an industry expert.

  • Exclusive Online Workshop Access: Gain free access to the "Producer Action Plan" course.

  • Custom Artwork of Your Hero: Receive a high-quality digital artwork of your character.


Lets Get Started!

Who is it for?

  • Aspiring Animators and Storytellers: Perfect for those dreaming of creating unique characters and compelling stories.

  • Animation Students and Hobbyists: Ideal for students and hobbyists looking to enhance their skills with a structured approach.
  • Entrepreneurs who are in the Animation, Game or Comic Industry.
  • Marketers Creating Mascot Characters: Valuable for marketers developing unique mascot characters for brands, adding personality and engagement to their campaigns.

What will you learn?

  • Concept Development: Learn to create compelling hero concepts. Dive into the creative process, exploring how to turn your ideas into well-defined and unique characters that stand out.

  • Character Structuring: Build iconic characters with depth and personality. Understand the elements that make a character memorable and learn how to develop their backstory, traits, and motivations.

  • Storytelling Techniques: Craft engaging narratives for your hero. Master the art of storytelling by constructing plotlines that captivate your audience and bring your characters' adventures to life.

  • Fundraising Strategies: Discover ways to pitch and raise funds for your projects. Gain insights into effective fundraising methods, including how to present your ideas to potential investors and secure the necessary resources.

is EVERYTHING you need to 
Craft a Stunning Character and Turn it into a Timeless Brand 

4 Step By Step Customizable Templates  ($49 Value)

Life time Access to CurlToon Inner Circle  ($54 Value)

Access to Hero Creation Challenge ($29 Value)

Weekly Q&A Sessions Get expert advice and feedback. 

Total Value: 132
$27 Today

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How it works?

Level up your knowledge

Go through program lessons and learn how to convert your idea to a great concept that will impress your potential clients.

Produce Pitch Materials

Start converting your idea to an appealing pitch bible  with the help from our implementation coaches.

Connect with Client

Join our private community to connect with Networks, Publishers and Producers and pitch your Show Concept.

Create Attractive Pitch Bible

Create amazing Animation Series concept and put your creation in a Pitch Bible that will attract Networks, Publishers, Distributors and Producers. 

Learn How to Raise Funds For Production

Learn Fund Raising Techniques to secure budget and go into full production phase including Acquisition Deals, Co-Production, and Crowd Funding.

Learn 2D/3D Production Pipelines

Become a Producer for your own show and learn all about Animation Styles, Pipelines and how to manage them including Traditional Animation, Cut-out Animation, 3D Animation and Anime.

Why to Create a Well-Structured Character

Captivate Your Audience

Well-structured characters captivate your audience, creating a connection that keeps them engaged throughout your story. Whether heroic or villainous, characters with depth leave a lasting impression.

Drive Emotional Engagement

Characters evoke emotions and empathy, driving emotional engagement with your audience. By crafting relatable characters with clear motivations, you can elicit powerful responses that resonate long after the story ends.


Enhance Storytelling

Characters shape the narrative arc and drive the plot forward. Well-structured characters provide a solid foundation for compelling storytelling, allowing you to explore themes and conflicts in meaningful ways.

Build Brand Recognition

Iconic characters become symbols of your brand, instantly recognizable and synonymous with your studio. By creating characters with distinct personalities and visual identities, you can establish a strong brand presence.

Fuel Merchandising Opportunities

Well-designed characters extend beyond the screen, inspiring merchandise opportunities. From action figures to video games, a compelling character opens up a world of merchandising possibilities.

Inspire Fan Engagement

Engaging characters spark fan communities, driving discussions, fan art, and fanfiction. By creating characters that resonate and invite exploration, you can cultivate a passionate fanbase that fuels ongoing interest in your projects.

Hi, I am Fadi Bargouti...
...I have generated $2.3M in less than 6 months!

I’ve spent the last 17 years as an Entrepreneur and Producer creating Animated Series, Games and Comics. Produced the first Anime Series in The Middle East and worked with Major Networks, Distributors, Brands and Publishers. 

After all these years i know the ins and outs of the entertainment industry by heart and learned all the strategies that will transform any idea into a successful brand that last for many years to come and decided to leverage my strategies to help creative entrepreneurs survive in the Business of Animation, Games and Comics.

The 5 Steps Success Path


Once you register, you'll immediately receive your Character Creation Kit. This kit includes everything you need to start crafting your unique superhero, from templates to detailed guides.

And No, you don't need to be an Artist!


Every week, share your progress with the community for valuable feedback and support. This regular submission helps you stay on track and continuously improve your character design.


Connect with fellow participants in our vibrant community. Join weekly Q&A sessions with industry experts, where you can ask questions, gain insights, and learn from others' experiences.


After refining your hero over the 30-day challenge, submit your final character for evaluation. This submission is your ticket to potentially winning amazing prizes and gaining recognition.


Our panel will select the top 3 winners who will be rewarded with fantastic prizes, including professional consultations, exclusive course access, and custom artwork. Show off your creativity and aim for the top!

Now its time to go and create your first HERO :)

Join The Challenge Now

7-day Money Back Guarantee

Look. Let's be honest. you don't know me (probably), we don't know you.

We decided to take all the risks from your shoulders and give you 7 days to go through the Challenge.

During this time you can decide if its worth the price. If not just send us an email and we'll send you a refund right away!

Ashraf Younis

Director MBC Action
& MBC 3 at MBC Group 

“ I met Fadi many years ago. I was pretty impressed by his and the team's eagerness, passion, motivation, creativity, and the quality of work that I have seen...” 

Amer Bitar 

Director of Consumer Products, Licensing & Retail at WWE 

“Fadi and Curlstone team are creative, supportive and they have a long experience in media content creation that is localized to the Middle East.”

Ala Suleiman

Technology Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Senior Manager

“I've known Fadi for a year, and we worked together on the growth of our businesses, and from there I realized that Fadi knows what he is doing very well.” 

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Create, Compete and Conquer!


is EVERYTHING you need to 
Craft a Stunning Character and Turn it into a Timeless Brand 

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